Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Real Story 2

The real story .....
A woman in love again
Is rejected by
A boy ...
She says exploring "Behold,
About one
your one Month salary
One day I pay the cost of hand.
I'll be with
... I am!
What Choices?!
I never
Can not love.
kindness do without.
So she told me to forget.
I love the ability to
Not me!
But the boy
Girl can never have! "
Although the story ends here
It could be
. . . • • • 10 years after the
I • • •
One day, the boy and girl
There was a market place.
After the
She said: "Hey you! Looks
Are you?
You know? I
I have! The
know, how much to pay!
100000 money per month!
You can imagine? Other
She looks
Many smart! Absolutely
Nor are you?! Well! Something are you get into the forehead?
He heard her boy
I was in the water. . . .
Some time later, the girl's
her husband came.
When she had something to say
I tell him I was
Sir you!
Here's what I! Then
The purpose of his girl
When I say more ....
It is our
Boss, and she is now 200
I have to hand it this project
Under the sir
I am. Was fun
You know what! Sir
love of a woman.
So far
There marriaged.
Lucky girl you huh!
We don’t know anything
Can such love? "
• • • story fixing
Is not the end ...
But the story
There is no end ...
However, the
I love ...
One life
A lot of sense
Large. None of the
Do not see it.
Some of the tide
Can change.
So one small
I do not think
Should be respected ....
I wanted to like it and share it.


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