Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Real Story

One person has been killed. Many of his
To read the dead body. It is middle of the day. When the. Severe
It has sunny day. Anywhere
There is no shadow. It was a glorious era
preaching religious read with the dead body.
He said all the buildings shade
Wait. Here is the shadow. The house was
Another person, who is from the preaching religious Some of the loans were taken.
I ask everyone to say that preaching religious
Do not shade the buildings.
All the people standing of The sunny day. Not until the end of the dead body.
Everybody's asking for it
He said, the Prophet (pbuh) said
I borrowed some of the benefits of
Take. So I don’t standing of the buildings.
The owner of the house
Indebted to. Relax in the shade of buildings
It will be of interest to eat.
About how small he is
Warned. Contemplation of the person dharmanista
Sabeta Ibn Abu Hanifah (raha). Other
Whenever we have not the opportunity to insult neglect to the assault.
Nowadays, the interest in forbidden thing
It does not. Our interest is
help us to live. Thanks God!


  1. Perfect like how you left it off at the end

  2. great post