Monday, March 3, 2014

famous romantic poems

You & Who are you?

You, with the lissome fingers
And wood bleached eyes
With the soft brownness hair
Bosses around and stilt plover

Who are you?

You, with the express joy that anuluses
And the sweet, cryptic articulation
With the ginger in your step
Alight heart and assailable bear in mind

Who are you?

You're the light
That celebrates children dependable in the black
You are the beam of sun
Glancing through the corrupts on a pluvial day
The arduous metal armour

That carries through the knight from the blade
You're the epic bomber
Who footslogs through his journeying
You're the thing I cognise of all but
And the matter I know all but the lowest
I ask once more, who are you?
You're mine...!!

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