Monday, March 3, 2014

new love poems & Romantic Evening Poem

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Let's envisage a romantic table arrange for two,
Candelas aflicker against blossoms, their scent filling up the room.
Coals brilliantly cutting in the lovesome fireplace,
The audio of the fire crepitating with vivacious grace.
The best bottle of blood-red vino is set because you and I.
Our darling dear birdsongs are softly bringing in the backdrop.

Candles and the hearth is our alone alight around,
A complete adjusting for our romantic leveling of pure cloud nine.
Our affections both filled with cacoethes, missing to blending together.
Bosomed, looking deeply into apiece other people optics we caress complete.
We build a goner to our endow of love aired from higher up.

As we beverage from one another glass, our custody entwine,
Softly we kiss, our lips now discernment like angelical wine.
We easy fall under ecstasy, our consistencies melt collectively as one.
Emotions coursing and affectionatenesses soaring, we pledge our affectionatenesses.
Two devotees who desire one another for infinity.

Let's come through happen, my darling,
Let's do these tonight, as real. Read more

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