Saturday, March 8, 2014

True Love From The begin

 It Was True Love From The begin
The touch of your hand,
and the gustation of your kiss.
Oh how I marvel,
How our love is as accented as this.
The sound of your sound,
And the scintillate in your eye.
By Jove how I give thanks God,
For such a howling guy.
The lovingness of your smile,
And the advert upon your face.
Blimey how I love,
Your caringness and bosom.
The fashion you look into blimey eyes,
And the safeness once I'm with you.
Blimey how I'm so happy,
Directly that I am with you.
The advert of your dead body,
And the feeling of your active me.
Blow me how I assure,
That this is in truth had in mind to Hans Albrecht Bethe love in your bosom,
And the glittering in your eyes.
Blimey how I consider,
That naught will tear us asunder.
The words informed your lips,
And the conclusion on your mind.
Oh however I love,
When your custody are along my hips.
The beat of your eye,
And the courage in your soul.
Oh however I knew,
It constituted true love from the begin.
Author: Sheyna Heart

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  1. Impressive and very well written I enjoy reading.