Sunday, August 3, 2014

letters of love because her or him

Love SMS: letters of love because her or him
1. Whenever a tear in the eye I Ellen Price Wood roll down on your lips, just if you are a buck in my eye I Ellen Price Wood never cry that I'm afeard to lose you wood!...
2. If ten populate care about you, among them me, if the person, I care about you, it would be again, if nobody cares about you, it means that I am not in this creation...
3. the love, the magician, know this little trick
Where two citizenry walk in a different directions
However always keep together...
4. usually 'send SMS' for people who...
Usually I 'send SMS' for people who... However, "very dear, identical close or real especial ', but in your situation, I 'make an exception. "Because you all"
5. If I had a care it aspiring your tears,
If I accepted a wish it is your tears,
To be abided in your eyeballs and die on your lips.
But if you constituted my tears, I would
Never cry for fear of mislaying you... love messages