Friday, September 5, 2014

We love You

When we love
You can get anguish.
When you get anguish
You hate.
When you hate
I have tried to forget.
When I try to forget
You can begin missing.
When you start missing
You collapse love again...!

I never lose an opportunity 2
'I love you' to someone u love
Not coz u everyday, you will meet the person
A magic u let fall in love.

If you get your smile I need flowers.
If you get your voice, I have music.
If you mouth to me, I don't listen to any other body,
If you're with me, I need the world.
I love you

Cast iron candle
And the fire may become flat,
But the love you've
Because I will always be
Stay like a flaming in my heart.

The definition of perfect love
Give someone a full
The power to destruct you
While being confident
He or she will never do that!

The smile you put on top...
Kiss put your good soul...
Would be OK if
I spent the night, loved by you?

The biggest weakness
For most people
It is alleged
To talk to other
How much I love them
And while they are alive.

If rain Kiss will send you cascades,
If the embrace again once I will send you the hours,
If happiness will send that you sand in the sea,
If someone will send you love me.

What is love?
Those who do not like to call it obligation.
Those who play with him call a game.
Those who do the hv call a dream.
For me, it's the u.

Some say that they like the rain,
But when it rainfalls,
They apply an umbrella.
Some say they like the Sun
But when the sun shines,
Looking for shade.
Some say they like the air current
But when the wind,
To close their windows.
Which is why
I'm afraid,
When someone says:
'I love you '.

Love bears altogether things,
Love conceives all things,
Love hopes all things,
And the most cherished of all,
Love endures all things.
Arrive we love and attain things happy.

You are gift wrapped in
Thought and strips
Topped with kisses and smilings,
God gave to stay not only for one day, but for life.

If I had to describe the true love of
I would describe as
That I made a snowman, snowman
He gave Here warm hug and
Both are melted in their arms.

You will walk with you
In all stages of life
But promise me just
You will hide your wings
Whenever we walk together,
I do not want because the world knows
That my acquaintance is an Angel.

Love is does not beat someone,.
But you lose yourself to someone.
When you are loved by someone,
Not because of the excellence of your mind
However, due to the purity of your heart.

If I dismissed I wud be your tear,
Be conceived in your heart, born in your eyes...
Live on your cheeks
Die on your lips from...

Can come from the Sun to the Earth but send love like the rays.
The cloud comes to the River, but send his love like rain,
You can, but sent best wishes.

Sea Blue eyes;
ISEE image of mine clearance;
So I dive in your heart;
To measure the profoundness of love

Tip of love.

It is recommended to respond
Your partner in trouble.
And the chance to express
Your love and loneliness of his...

Most beautiful words
A wounded affection
"I never stopped loving you,
I stopped to show "...

Never give yourself a
COS love can vary
There is no guaranty,
We play cos this is the game of intelligence
You need to work hard on the inside of the person.

"Friendship is not appraised
When you all take care of one another
Is measured
When we ignore the
And the other is still under care... "

Love is imaginable after friendly relationship
Can friendship after love
Action of drugs before death
Then anything could be healed...!